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creating the team edge

What do we mean by ‘Creating the Team Edge’?

We know that truly successful teams have certain things in common:

  • A clear purpose, strategy and aligned objectives.
  • A strong connection and a feeling of pyschological safety.
  • They work as a powerful collective, rather than a group of individuals.

It may sound simple. But we know from our experience that these things don’t come about by accident. And an absence, breakdown or challenge to any of these factors can put a real strain on team communication and performance.

Our team coaching is all about making sure senior teams are stronger together.

How does it work?

Collectively at Performance Edge we have many years of professional experience working with teams in organisations from every sector and of every size. We have also been part of many teams and led them at a senior level for some large successful organisations. All this, combined with our rich research journey and relentless search for what makes the ‘perfect team’, led us to develop our unique team coaching model ‘Creating the Team Edge’. This model allows you to:

  • Analyse your own team’s strengths, weaknesses and characteristics, benchmarking you against the highest performing teams;
  • Identify priorities that require immediate attention;
    Work more effectively to identify a clear purpose and strategy to achieve your goals;
  • Explore additional areas for improvement and opportunities to raise performance and succeed.

Our ‘Creating the Team Edge’ model defines seven key characteristics for teams to be considered ‘high performing’.  Addressing all these elements and seeing them embedded into the team’s behaviours requires a staged and longer-term approach than a single session can allow. Our objective is for your team’s performance to be sustainable in the long term.

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Creating the Team Edge – Team coach accreditation

We train external and internal coaches to be able to use the creating the ‘Team Edge’ framework model and approach to provide team coaching’ to teams.

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