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What is leadership coaching?

 If you ask people to think about the “best boss” for whom they have ever worked for they often paint a picture of someone who is:

“Genuinely interested in the people that work for them”

“Positive and optimistic”

“Able to set a vision for where you are going”

“Good at sharing the glory for success”


“A strong communicator”

“Able to engage the whole organisation in success”

“Willing to have tough and honest conversations”

And what do these have in common? They are all personal skills rather than technical, practical or academic ones.

Digging even deeper into the characteristics of successful leaders, you hear attributes like ‘brave’, ‘patient’, ‘eager to learn for themselves and from others’. It has been clear to us at Performance Edge for a long time now that the very best leaders possess a range of abilities and attitudes that separate them from others. We refer to these incredible people as Leaders of Character.

You’ll know that leading people is the toughest part of any senior role. For a tiny minority this may come naturally, but the vast majority of senior managers have to work very hard to lead and engage teams of people, particularly through difficult times. The good news is, we believe it is possible for all of us to develop these skills.

Following extensive research and analysis into the differentiating characteristics of high performing, successful leaders, we created a highly acclaimed coaching programme that brings them together. And it is all about developing Leaders of Character.

How does it work?

We regard ‘Character’ as the personal foundation from which people build their thoughts and actions, behave and are perceived. The way you motivate, appreciate, develop, challenge, and care for yourself and others. Research from the field of psychology suggests that the more developed and strong your range of character traits, the more successful a leader you will be.

Character develops in response to life events and experience. But it can also be analysed, developed and strengthened through deep, ongoing, high quality, individualised coaching.

Like all effective coaching, the process starts with analysis, using the Performance Edge 360 diagnostic tool to identify existing strengths and areas for development. It is also likely to include:

  • One to one coaching sessions
  • Deep analysis of Character
  • Individual targets and goals
  • Practical learning based on your role and responsibilities
  • Exploration of real life situations and challenges

This combination has proven to be highly effective. It encourages the development of Character, individual style and the practical application of new behaviours and responses that will see senior level people make long lasting improvements to leadership performance and impact.

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