At Performance Edge we are passionate about helping organisations, teams and leaders achieve their purpose, deliver their strategic objectives and improve organisational performance.

With so much change happening in organisations and the world of work, it is essential for us to design transformational leadership, team coaching and coaching programmes that make meaningful and positive lasting change.

We do this by working in partnership with CEO’s, senior leaders and the HR team to develop tailored programmes that fit with the organisation’s culture and plans for growth.

Embedding change in organisations

Change programmes are notoriously difficult to design but even more challenging to embed across an organisation in the longer term.

Aside from times of merger and acquisition, organisations are increasingly under regulatory pressure to change; they also face pressure to change from their customers, shareholders and even from their workforce.

Through a range of sophisticated solutions Performance Edge Partners Ltd can help CEOs and senior leaders gain Certainty through the delivery of lasting change initiatives; Clarity of purpose and develop the Character of leaders to lead the organisation effectively to improved performance.

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What We Do

Great coaching works.
It is highly effective at helping individuals and teams make lasting transformational change. By creating a range of products, designed through a coaching lens, we are able to help individuals, teams and organisations to bring about lasting change and raise performance. Our products are created from a robust evidence-base coupled with our experiences of working with thousands of leaders. They are also tried and tested by our customers.

What people say

We have worked with Performance Edge for some months now and have found this to be invaluable. The team’s approach is professional at all times yet also friendly and informal, which suits our organisation’s ethos. Their extensive knowledge of team coaching and leadership development is shared generously with an eye on achieving the results we want and need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. – Partner Development Delivery Manager at John Lewis Plc.

About us

At Performance Edge we have a uniquely sophisticated and innovative approach to leadership development. We believe that an individual’s character and personal traits lie at the heart of their leadership potential. We believe that standard, off the shelf executive leadership training packages do not deliver the best results. And we are resolute that high quality coaching practice should be based on, and measured in research, evidence and tangible performance outcomes.

Who we work with.

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