At Performance Edge we have developed two unique tools to help you measure both leader’s and team’s performance.

These tools are:

• Leadership Edge Questionnaire – Releasing Potential
• Creating the Team Edge Questionnaire

Leadership Edge Questionnaire

This questionnaire is based on our ‘Leader of Character’ 5 areas including humanity, courage, transcendence, knowing and balance plus 4 leadership excellence areas of embodies excellence, develops excellence, appreciates excellence and advocates excellence. More detail around how these areas were developed is included in the ‘Leader of Character’ brochure insert.

We can also produce a bespoke report to fit your own leadership framework.

Creating the Team Edge Questionnaire

The Creating the Team Edge questionnaire is designed and developed to help you measure your team’s performance in the 7 key areas we see as essential to create a high performing and brilliant team. The 7 areas are

• Purpose – why the team exists
• Identity – who you are as a team
• Values and Beliefs – what’s important to the team
• Awareness- strengths and areas of development for the team
• Relatedness – how you get on as a team
• Ways of Working – how effective you are at meetings and decision making
• Transformation – how the team innovates and grows in a changing world

Both tools can provide you will invaluable information about where your performance is now, where you want to be and help you decide areas to focus on to get you there.

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John Lewis
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