10 reasons why great leaders are high on integrity

Do you ever get that sense that what you are being asked to do at work is making you uncomfortable? Are you aware sometimes that the way your Boss treats people is certainly not the way you would (will!) do it when you are in their seat? Well, that internal alarm system is linked to your sense of integrity. Working with high levels of integrity helps you remain focused through being increasingly clear about what you stand for. 


Here are 10 benefits that leaders gain when they work with high levels of integrity: 

1. Leaders of character are clear about their values and spend time getting explicit about which values they hold as priorities. Once they are clear on their values these can guide their decisions and actions. 

2. Knowing your own values as a leader helps build consistent high performing teams because if you consistently act in a way that is aligned to your values, people will experience you in a way that is more predictable and that gives people certainty. 

3. Working in a highly integrated way with your values, reduces the energy required to make important decisions. People with high levels of integrity tend to use their values as guides - not in a soft and fluffy way but as part of a strategic approach. 

4. Whilst your decisions and actions will not always be ‘right’, those decisions that are guided by your values can be more readily justified - to yourself and others. 

5. Leaders of character know that their values are linked to their Purpose and vice versa. Greater clarity in both areas helps improve levels of integrity. 

6. Knowing when it’s time to leave an organisation can come more easily to those who have high levels of integrity. Your inner alarm system will inform you when your own values and those of your employer are too far apart to be reconciled and that it is time for you to look elsewhere.

7. When people know you have a clear set of values they tend to adapt their behaviours accordingly - helping both you and them. 

8. Once you are clear about your own values and are working consistently with them, you are better placed to understand the reasons others work in certain ways and why your relationship with them may not be as good as it could be. 

9. High integrity should not suggest inflexibility. When information comes to light that indicates a review of your priority values is required, leaders of character take time to consider how they can adjust effectively and in a way that keeps them as aligned as possible. 

10.  Finding a new job is much more straightforward when you a clear on what drives your integrity. You can find a new organisation to work for simply by getting a feel for their values and the integrity between what they say they are like and what they are actually like in reality. 

At Performance Edge Partners Ltd we like to think we are high on integrity: We do what we say we are going to do. If you want us to come and develop integrity with your leaders then please contact us here. 

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10 reasons why great leaders are high on integrity
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Sep 20, 2016
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