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I want to take a moment to explain something that you will come across fairly frequently on many of the social media and content venues where I contribute,  either under the title of our company, Performance Edge Partners Ltd or when I write as myself, Dr Glenn P Wallis (The P is for Peter, in case you are interested. I only use it to distinguish myself from another Glenn Wallis who writes online). You may see it from time to time on our new YouTube channel of regular leadership videos. You will certainly see it on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Anchor occasionally. 





At Performance Edge Partners we are driven to help raise the quality of leadership across all organisations. That’s not to say all leadership is poor of course. It is also not suggesting that there is only one way of leading - i.e. ours! Indeed, quite the opposite is true. For us it is not only about how you lead rather that you do lead. We do recognise that CEOs and HRDs have reported that the leadership bench strength in many organisations around the globe is not where it needs to be, in order confidently to meet the challenges of the current work environment, which is highly unstable and changing ever more rapidly. 


Now, despite our very best efforts we cannot get around to every business, hospital, school, retailer or bank in the world. We would love to help as many organisations as we can in person and we intend to. But we can only scratch the surface directly. We are writing books and blogs such as this to help spread insight into what makes for excellent leadership. As I’ve already mentioned, we have our leadership Youtube channel too which helps spread our message even more broadly. We are making a difference.


But it’s still not enough. 


We want to start a movement.

We believe that by something as simple as a hashtag you, our highly valued audience, can help magnify the message that effective leadership is important for:


- the long-term success of organisations, large and small

- the fulfilment and economic stability that great leadership provides to the people who work under the leader 

- the fulfilment of the leader themselves who can be encouraged to embrace their role as a leader fully … just as if they truly love it


Call to action

So here is where we are going to ask for your help. The next time you share a Tweet, or re-post something on Facebook, just add the #leadlikeyouloveit hashtag. Spread the word and encourage leaders everywhere to view leadership differently - as an end in itself, not just a means to an end. 

Together we have a much better chance of strengthening the quality of leadership across the globe which in turn will have positive impacts for us all. 

Which of you will be the first to join us? 

As has been said by Derek Sivers “The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.” And for us that first follower can also rightly be declared a leader too! 


Performance Edge Partners Ltd works with organisations to embed transformation change at three key levels: individual, team and whole organisation. If you want us to help you make change stick then please contact us here. 


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