Our Story

At Performance Edge we have a uniquely sophisticated and innovative approach to leadership development.

We believe that an individual’s character and personal traits lie at the heart of their leadership potential. We believe that standard, off the shelf executive leadership training packages do not deliver the best results. And we are resolute that high quality coaching practice should be based on, and measured in, research, evidence and tangible performance outcomes.

We have focused on five key services: 

• Individual executive coaching
• Team coaching
• Leadership exchanges, knowledge and best practice sharing
• Coaching Live
• Diagnostic tools and audits including 360 reviews


The core of our leadership coaching is focused on developing ‘Leaders of Character’ to ensure that leaders and senior management teams develop the character traits that are proven to underpin strong performance.

Our approach is one of tailored programmes. We will not make assumptions or second guess your organisational gaps, needs and objectives. We apply effective diagnostic tools including 360 reviews, and spend time with your organisation and people in order to design coaching programmes that will deliver the leadership qualities and skills that you need to improve your performance.

Our team of Executive Coaches are highly experienced, credible practitioners. Together we bring extensive knowledge of a wide range of leadership coaching techniques. We have an impressive track record of business transformation success with large, high profile companies and organisations across the commercial, public and not for profit sectors.

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Why Choose Us

As an organisation, you need your senior team to be effective people managers, strategic thinkers, creative problem solvers and to have vision and ambition. What this actually means in real terms for every organisation will be very different. The individuals within your organisation will also be very different.

This is why we offer a variety of leadership training programmes that start with character, move into skills development and then bring in the corporate objectives. An approach that has been proven to make for a robust, long lasting impact on your leadership team that will see your investment pay for itself. We have published research that demonstrates the real impact on performance and return on investment that our coaching programmes represent – including one notable project where 317% ROI was realised.


Our work delivers positive impacts on your business results. We measure the differences we have made in the areas you determined as important.  

Performance Edge Directors have all been involved in the design and delivery of business transformation work at the most senior level for over 14 years each.

All of our work is grounded in evidence from research and experience which we openly credit.  

All Performance Edge staff have exceedingly high levels of professional attainment and on-going development  

The qualities represented in our work, guide how we work daily.  



Performance Edge brings together excellence in the worlds of leadership and coaching, creating unique, tailor-made programmes, designed to help clients become market leaders by getting the best from employees.

The Performance Edge team of experts have the knowledge and experience to help clients create the depth of leadership strength necessary for increased productivity and profitability.

We have an experienced team of over 30 Associates that lead or work closely with us on our client projects. Recruitment and ongoing development are key parts of ensuring that we provide clients with the highest quality team to deliver great results.



David provides insight. He helps teams understand where they are currently then works closely with them to achieve their goals through tapping into their strengths.

A real and typical line from a recent client of David's: “I've valued your honesty and insight... and the good humour!’



Glenn is a leadership coach with a deep interest in human potential. He brings experience of performance from International Sport.

A real and typical line from a recent client of Glenn's: “Phew! I'm feeling so much more confident now I can see the wood for the trees.’



Lucy is our Team Coaching specialist, which she combines with a deep neuroscience background.

A real and typical line from a recent client of Lucy's: “You really got us to think differently and it was good to be challenged - we needed it!’

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